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Aircraft Leasing - ACMI

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Global Lease Contracts, Made Easy 

The dedicated aircraft leasing team at Flygogo Jet provides complete support in ACMI. In case of wet lease or ACMI, the lessor i.e. the company leasing out the aircraft provides the crew (Flight Deck and Flight Attendants), besides maintenance and insurance, to the lessee i.e. the company/airline operator who takes the aircraft on lease. ACMI is a highly specialized field requiring high attention to detail to ensure that both customer and supplier interests are met in both timely and operationally sound manner. Our industry experience and personalized boots-on-the-ground approach have rewarded us with a repeat clientele of demanding end users. 

Under ACMI leases, lessees are required to provide all fuel to the aircraft and defray all landing, handling, parking and storage fees. Lessees also provide all hotel and accommodation to the crew provided to operate and maintain the aircraft under the terms of the lease. Additionally, lessees pay over-flight, navigation fees, air traffic control charges, war insurance premiums.
Whether it's negotiating a contract, managing the operation and lease throughout its contract period or post lease reconciliations, our team of professionals will support you on every step.  

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